Is   Our   World   Real   ?    


Right now you are probably asking yourself, “What in the world is this all about?”

Well, THAT is what this excuse is all about. It is about the world and also about us as human beings.

Over the past 50-75 years, the technological advances have proceeded at a rate that has been beyond our wildest dreams 75 years ago. I mean with all the advancements that have been made using electricity. Over the past century, electricity has gone from turning on a light bulb, running a basic electric motor, telegraph and very basic telephone, to all the stuff electricity is involved with today. All the way to super computers that become obsolete almost as fast as they are developed.

This also includes the advancements made in computer software. Where computer controlled robots are now used to build automobiles and even do surgeries. And computer games that seem more and more real and life like everyday with more and more interaction with the players as well as between the different characters in the game.

With all of that being said, I want to talk for just a few moments about something I accidentally stumbled across on the internet. It has to deal with the advancements made in computer games. And the question is asked, ”Is our world real?”

Let me elaborate just a bit and try to put all of this in perspective.

We now have computer games called 'Virtual Reality Games' that deal with computer worlds. They are called. ‘Virtual Worlds’. These ‘Virtual Worlds’ exist entirely on computers. And they are now so advanced that they contain virtual people that are controlled by real people and interact with each other. There is also virtual money, that can be bought with real money, which can then be used to buy virtual houses, cars, clothing, etc. As a matter of fact some of these virtual world games are rated ‘Adult’, where these virtual people have real adult type interaction with one another, including virtual crimes, and virtual rape. And on top of all of this, all of these virtual people are not controlled by real people, but are computer controlled, programmed to act in response to actions and past experiences that they (the virtual person) have encountered.

Now with all of that being said, we ask ourselves, “Is our world real?” I mean with technology continuing to advance exponentially over the next several thousand years. Is our world really real?

Or is our world (including us) just a figment of our imagination, existing only on some teenager’s computer in a real world that has this advanced technology already in existence? Where we are interacting with each other on our own and occasionally being controlled by this teenager ( who to us has taken on the roll of god ) to program in events to guide us down the path of righteousness.

Then there is the question of time. What about the time this teenager is spending to ‘oversee’ this virtual world we live in?

Well, the people that believe this say that the Bible does talk about this. About time. In ( 2 Peter 3:8 ), where it says, “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”. So one day to this teenager would be like a thousand years of our time. Where he over the course of a week or so, would interact with events going on in this virtual world in which we live, either by automatic computer controlled responses or, if deemed necessary, he personally would override these automatic responses with his own ( to work a miracle or two ).

Now, is this what is happening? NO!!! I do not believe this at all.

But I listed this ‘excuse’ to show just how far out some people will go to find an excuse for them not to believe the Bible.

But, real or not, it still all comes down to this. With death and judgment promised to come upon each and everyone of us ( Hebrews 9:27 ). Why would anyone even take the chance of risking themselves spending eternity in hell?

How about you? Do you believe you are not real, or do you believe the Bible?

Here is an external link where you can find more information on this idea.


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