Is  God  a  Space  Alien?      


Well, Is He?

You might not have ever even thought of the possibility of God being a space alien. But believe it or not, there are people that not only have considered this a possibility, but actually believe it.

How, or where could they come up with such an idea?

Well, 'Believe it or not,' ( to use this phrase again ), along with all of the many continued UFO sightings, cave drawings, ancient pictures, Geoglyphs (drawings seen only from the sky) (EXTERNAL LINK: ), etc. They also use the Bible to back up their beliefs.

At this point, you might be saying to yourself, "I don't remember reading about any 'space aliens' in the Bible." Well, I don't either. But since this is a study of the Bible, we will take a look at SOME of the passages from the Bible that people use to arrive at this idea.

Again, this is just SOME of the scriptures they use:

Genesis 1:28 = Here they say that the word "replenish" shows that this is not the first time the Earth has been inhabited by humanoid type creatures. Like there is a big scientific experiment going on, and Earth is the petri dish that these aliens placed humans into. Other wise the word "fill" would be used instead of "replenish".

Genesus 28:10-19 = The story of Jacob's ladder = Here they say that Jacob was not really dreaming, but actually caught an UFO taking on supplies.

Genesus 32:1-2 & Genesus 32:24-31 = They say that angels are actually Aliens. And that if this was a real angel from a real god, then Jacob would not have been able to prevail against him. But if it was just some man that Jacob met on the way, then this 'man' would not have been able to change Jacob's name and bless him. So this was actually an alien that by changing Jacob's name, he was actually redirecting the way man was evolving in their experiment on the human race.

Ezekiel 1:1-28 = Here they say that Ezekiel actually saw alien creatures from other worlds (plural). And that the 'wheels' he was describing were actually UFOs. The term 'flying saucer' was not used until the 20th century. So Ezekiel was describing their saucer shape by using the term 'wheel'.

Matthew 2:9-10 = The star was actually an UFO that guided them to baby Jesus, and not some bright shining planet in the night sky.

And the list goes on and on, with things like Jesus being half human and half alien, Jesus's advanced knowledge in medicine, lifting Jesus up from earth ("beam me up Scotty") in Acts 1:9 by a spaceship hidden in a cloud, etc.


Well, let's look at some of these.

The first one found in Genesis 1:28 , talking about the word, "replenish". Now I am not a Hebrew scholar and being honest (remember Rule #5). I don't know if a combination of words in Hebrew were used to cause the translators to use the prefix 're' or not. But I did look up the word "replenish" in Strong's Concordance and it showed the Hebrew word that was translated "replenish" was the Hebrew word, "Male'" which means 'Full' or 'be filled'. In the Bible this same word was translated 'fill' 107 times, 'full' 48 times, and 'replenish' 7 times. So, if the Earth was being "replenish" again from previously being filled with something, then what was it previously filled with that disappeared in less than a week, (time since the world was created)?

Genesus 28:10-19 = The story of Jacob's ladder = Well, first of all, the Bible tells us that Jacob was asleep when he saw the angels going up and down on the ladder. So, the ladder was not physically there. But maybe Jacob had been placed in some sort of trance by the aliens, but why? So he would not remember what he saw? Well, it didn't work did it? Because he did remember. He was suppose to remember, because it was in this same dream that he also was blessed by God. God expected him to remember these blessings.

And what about the idea of angels ( ah aliens ) taking on supplies? using manual labor? If they were really taking on supplies, why did they not just beam them up like they claim they did Jesus ( Acts 1:9 )?

Genesus 32:1-2 & Genesus 32:24-31 = The wrestling match = First of all, was this 'man' Jacob wrestled with, a 'man' or an 'angel'? Hosea 12:4 says that it was an angel. So, how was Jacob able to defeat an angel? Well, here again in Hosea 12:4 it tells us, "he wept, and made supplication unto him:". That it was by tears and prayer, that Jacob was able to prevail. In other words, by the power of God and not his own strength. But the angel wounded him by touching him to let Jacob know he (the angel) had power to do some serious damage to him if he (the angel) so desired.

Well, what about the aliens and flying saucers (wheels) we read about in Ezekiel 1:1-28 . Whether or not they were actual aliens and flying saucers, or were something else? Personaly I believe it was something else that Ezekiel witnessed. I have looked at several commentaries about this, and different ones have different explanations about what it was that Ezekiel actually saw. But what ever it was, it served the purpose for which it was intended. It got Ezekiel's attention. Prepared him to hear and pay attention to what was being said to him.

So, if it was from God, the message was clear. Go and warn my people.

If it was an alien talking to Ezekiel, then what would have been the purpose for aliens telling Ezekiel to go warn the Israelites to come back to the straight and narrow path of righteousness and stay on it? (Their mankind experiment was drifting off course, so they need to be brought back into the path of righteousness.) And this was done by the aliens themselves by using the unrighteous act of lying? A bit contradictory, don't you think?

Matthew 2:9-10 = The star was actually an UFO that guided them to baby Jesus = People also say that it was a bright planet like Venus. But how could a planet like Venus cross the sky and stop over a single stable in a town large enough to have a motel (inn)?

The Bible says that it was a star. Well, we are familiar with the stars in the sky. And we know that our own sun is a star, although not a very large one. So we know that stars come in different sizes. So how big or little can a star be?

God can create one the size of a soccer ball if that is what He wanted to do.

With God all things are possible ( Matthew 19:26 ).

It was a star.

And as I said, "the list goes on and on". So I'm not going to take up anymore of your time by going through every single example.

But I would like to leave you with this one last thing to think about.

Let us, just for argument sake, say that God is an alien from outer space (which I do not believe this to be the case). What excuse do you have for not obeying the gospel?

Whether we are told by aliens or by God. We are told to live a righteous life, told we will be punished if we do not, and told we will be rewarded if we do.

So I ask again, "What excuse do you have for not obeying the gospel?"


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