The   Walls   of   Jericho          


( Joshua 2:1-24 )( Joshua 6:1-27 )

If you would like to read the whole story ( Joshua 2:1 - 6:27 )

Did this really happen? Some folks say that it did not. While others say it did, but not the way the Bible describes it.

Yeah, for what ever reason, some people say that the record as presented in the Bible is flawed. They say that the walls of Jericho fell, not because some ancient god caused them to fall, but there was an earthquake that just happened to happen while the Israelites where camped near by, and they merely took advantage of the situation.

Before I answer this explanation, I want to mention another explanation that some people believe was the real cause for the walls collapsing. “All of that marching”, that’s right, “All of that marching” caused the ground to shake, making the walls fall. Well, maybe so, with several hundred thousand people marching in step (oh, wait a minute, the Bible does not say they ‘marched’. The Bible says they ‘compassed’ the city. ( Joshua 6:11-15 )

Now we all know that the destroying power of sound waves have been proven (opera singer breaking glass, loud noise causing an avalanche, or a sonic boom rattling windows). But even if they did ‘march’, and the bombardment of all the sound waves from all the yelling and blasting of trumpets, and an earthquake struck the city, that still does not explain why all of the wall fell except where Rahab had a red cord hanging out of her window.

Oh, wait a minute, how dumb of me, I know. The red cord, that is why her part of the wall did not fall. Everybody knows that a red cord can protect us from earthquakes as well as many other natural disasters. That is why everybody has all of these red cords hanging out of their windows today, and see it does work, because their houses are still standing. And that also explains what happens when a tornado comes through a town and totally destroys one house and leaves the house right next door untouched. But of course the news people don’t mention the red cords that the spared house had hanging out the windows, after all, who would believe it?

You know it is like I already said, “Sometimes it is just easer to believe the Bible than to TRY to disprove it.”

Also in Joshua 6:26 we see where Joshua places a curse on who ever the person is that decides to rebuild the city of Jericho. And the Bible tells us that that is exactly what happened in 1 Kings 16:34 .

But in doing research on the battle of Jericho, I came across something that I was not aware of. That is that there seems to be a discrepancy between the time line of events in the Bible and the archeological evidence found, concerning the time before the United Kingdom of the Israelites. And from what I can determine so far, is that this appears to be a major stumbling block that is keeping some people from believing the Bible. And I do plan to look into it more thoroughly. But the time line seems to be off either 150 years or a 1000 years. So in the meantime I will list a few web site links that might be helpful in unraveling this mystery.

Also as I said before, “I am NOT endorsing these following web sites“, but listing them merely as an aid to furnish some more information.


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