The Magic Snakes


( Exodus 4:1-5 ) and ( Exodus 7:8-13 )

"The Magic Snakes", man, that is a strange topic that might help or hinder someone deciding to choose to believe the Bible or not. But it was the best title I could think of.

Here is a Quote from an article I found in 'New World Encyclopedia', on the internet, about 'snake charming':

"Charmers often supplement their performances with juggling, sleight of hand, and other tricks. "Turning a rod into a serpent," a trick that has been known since Biblical times (see Exodus 7:12 ), represents one stunt. Putting pressure on a particular nerve behind the snake's head, causing it to stiffen up, has been forwarded as one explanation. Sometimes charmers stage mock combats between their snakes and other animals, such as mongooses. North African snake charmers usually set up battery-powered loudspeakers with which they advertise a wide array of charms, medicines, and health care pamphlets. They may also demand exorbitant fees from hapless tourists who snap photographs of them." {ref *1}

Now, is this the way the Egyptians were able to also turn their rods into snakes? I have to answer again, "I don't know". But I think maybe it was. How about Aaron (Moses' brother)? I have to answer, "No"! How did God tell Moses to pick up his snake? If you go back and read the story again, you might notice something that you may have over looked the first time you read it (just another example of why we need to STUDY the scriptures, and not just READ them). Moses was instructed to pick his snake up by the TAIL (the opposite end of the snake)( Exodus 4:4 ).

Also, Aaron's snake ate up the other snakes. Now let us just think about that for just a moment. You have three snakes, all of them approximately 6ft long (the length of a rod or staff) crawling around on the floor. And one of them eats up the other two? A physical impossibility! Now, it would most likely be impossible for a snake to eat another snake the same size. But for the sake of argument, let's say it is possible. But there were two snakes just as large as Aaron's snake. Now, that would be impossible. And on top of all of that, snakes only feed every couple of weeks or so.

Well, do you think the Egyptian magicians recognized that something great was going on here? I think they probably did. Especially when Aaron picked his snake up by the tail instead of the head.

Take a little time and do a little research yourself and see if you can come up with another plausible explanation. If you do, Please by all means, share it with me, because remember, I am searching for the truth too.

It is easer to believe the Bible than not to believe the Bible.

What do you think about this lesson ???
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New World Encyclopedia contributors, 'Snake charming', New World Encyclopedia, , 2 April 2008, 16:35 UTC, [accessed 2 July 2013]



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