In todays mind of thought, when you hear the word 'prophet' or 'prophecy', you think of a 'fortune teller' or 'fortune telling'. Well, that is not what these words mean.

They actually (per: Strong's Concordance:)

Prophet = in old testament = Strong word # 5030 = NABIY' (Hebrew)= a spokesman or speaker;
Prophet = in the new testament = Strong word # 4396 = PROPHETES (Greek) = interpreter of oracles or of hidden things, someone that reveals what they have received by inspiration from God.

Prophecy = in old testament = Strong word # 5016 = NABUW'AH (Hebrew)= genuine and specific, as in information.
Prophecy = in the new testament = Strong word # 4894 = SUNEIDO (Greek) = information made aware of, informed of, known

So a PROPHET is a person that 'reveals' and PROPHECY is the 'information' the prophet reveals.

Now many times this "information" is dealing with future events, but 'not' always. Case in point: Look at Luke 22:64 . Here you have the word 'prophesy' being used to show a 'past tense' action. Where Jesus was blindfolded and slapped then asked to 'reveal' who it was that had already slapped Him.